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  1. berlib

    Madeira (Part 3): Funchal

    Osmo Pocket 2
  2. berlib

    Madeira, Part 2

    Visit of Madeira (Portugal) Part 2 Part 1 is here ! Osmo Pocket 2, Mavic Air 2
  3. berlib

    URBEX - An abandonned house...

  4. berlib

    Aix en Provence on a bike...

    Osmo Action (some shots with an Insta360 OneX)
  5. berlib

    The medieval city of Carcassonne, France

    Osmo Pocket & Osmo Action
  6. berlib

    Beaucaire Castle, Occitanie, France

  7. berlib

    La Fontaine de Rognac, Provence, France

    Mavic 2 Zoom, Osmo Pocket, Osmo Action
  8. berlib

    Motorcycle Show, Aix en Provence

    Osmo Pocket
  9. berlib

    Ste Eulalie de Cernon, Occitanie, France

    Osmo Pocket
  10. berlib

    Le Pavillon de Chasse du Roy René

    Osmo Action Version avec LUT PealOrange
  11. berlib

    Pamplemousse Garden, Mauritius

    Osmo Pocket
  12. berlib

    Hello from France

    Hello to all Already a member of MavicPilot, I use in addition to my Mavic 2 Zoom the Osmo Pocket and my new Osmo Action for ground shots in my vids... I am only an amateur! Here an example of this combination of Mavic2Z, Osmo Pocket and Action shots !